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We utilize CAT scan imaging, dental x-rays, and oral cancer screenings to not only diagnose current issues but also look for signs of any problems that may arise.

The benefits of digital x-rays

Digital x-rays in dentistry have been an important tool from its inception. X-ray images, also known as radiographs, give dentists insight on your oral health that is not seen to the naked eye. The use of state-of-the-art digital x-ray equipment and CAT scan imaging acts as a third eye. We are able to capture and detect early gum disease, tooth decay and other ailments that may arise.

With digital x-ray technology, a small electronic sensor is used in your mouth to capture an image and instantly deliver it to a computer screen. The entire digital x-ray process is only asked of you when our dentists need to obtain better diagnostics to solve oral health issues. Each case is reviewed on an individual basis, keeping your safety as a top priority. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding digital x-rays and other diagnostic resources.

Benefits of using digital x-rays include:

How often do I need a digital x-ray?

Some of our patients require digital x-rays every 6 months. Whereas those with excellent oral hygiene and low cavity risks only require x-rays every year or so. The frequency of x-rays will be individualized for you at your visit. Other reasons for having x-rays taken include checking the jaw for signs of cancer or other abnormalities. Additionally, they are used to assist with treatment diagnosis, or as a requirement for certain procedures, such as root canal treatment.

Digital x-rays are an important part of your regular dental exam. Book a dental exam at our St. Paul clinic today – 780-645-6028.

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