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Intra-oral photos

We use intra-oral photos to provide detail and catch things that are not seen by regular oral exams.

What are intra-oral photos?

Intra-oral photos are small cameras that are used to capture digital images of your teeth. Like any optical device, it takes images of your teeth and gums. It will give the dentist a better idea of what’s taking place with your oral care issue and the best way that we can assist you. Because intra-oral photos are instantly received, it will give your dentist pertinent information that can be used on the spot.

With intra-oral photos we can detect many oral health issues including:

Keep in mind, the use of intra-oral photography is not necessarily needed for every patient. Your dentist will discuss its use on an individual basis.

How do intra-oral photos work?

It is a quick, painless and easy process. The device is in a pen-like shape, with a camera attached to the end tip. In order to capture a shot, including those in difficult angles, we may use other tools like mirrors and retractors to expose the area in question.

Benefits of intra-oral photos

The benefit of using intra-oral photos is the images are exactly what we see with the naked eye. Therefore, it makes it easier to explain to patients exactly what is taking place and what the chosen directive would be. Intra-oral photos are great tools to use for before and after shots, providing vital information on healing overtime. Additionally, these images are easy to share with insurance companies, and other health professionals, if needed.

Regardless of which diagnostic technique is used, they all serve their purpose to assist us in providing top tier dental care. Contact us if you have any questions about intraoral x-rays, we are here to assist you – 780-645-6028.

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