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Teeth Whitening

Looking for a whiter smile? Teeth whitening could be the solution for you!

Combating tooth staining

Did you know that your teeth are not meant to be naturally white? The natural colour of your teeth ranges from light grey to yellowish hues. However, your teeth naturally darken over time as you age because our teeth are porous and they absorb colour from anything we put in our mouths! Even if you avoid cigarette smoking, between the red wine, coffee, and mealtime, it’s nearly impossible to avoid some level of tooth staining.

Types of teeth whitening

Among one of the most popular dental procedures, teeth whitening is the process of lightening teeth to remove stains. Teeth whitening is not a permanent treatment and will need to be maintained to prevent stains from returning.

There are two types of whitening procedures:

Vital whitening: This type of teeth whitening is performed on teeth that have live nerves.

Non-vital whitening: This type of teeth whitening is performed on a tooth that has had a root canal treatment but doesn’t have a live nerve.

To combat tooth staining from the daily grind, St. Paul Family Dental Centre offers at-home teeth and in-office whitening solutions to our patients; a cost-effective and simple way to brighten your smile. Based on the level of whitening you’re looking for, our doctors will develop a personalized plan for your teeth.

We use teeth-whitening products that are only available for professional use, leading to whitening results that are monitored by our team of dental professionals. Many people usually achieve the level of teeth whitening they desire after a few sessions. If you have questions about your teeth whitening process, be sure to discuss with your doctor what procedures you feel could work for you.

If you’re looking for whitening or teeth bleaching in St. Paul, we’re happy to walk you through any questions or concerns. Give us a call – 780-645-6028.

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